Friday, March 27, 2009

What we've been up to...

I feel like I have been so busy that I have not had time to blog anything and then I sit and think about what to blog and I guess I really havent been that busy. Kaylans truck is leaking some sort of fluid so it is in the shop and he has my car so I am stuck at home so I guess it is a good time to post what we have been doing.
A couple of weeks ago we took the kids to The Aquarium in Sandy. They were so excited to go and see all of the fish and especially touch the sting rays. Bradley wouldnt let me take any picures and when Katie decided she was ready for her picture to be taken she was standing in front of this really exciting brick wall. They loved looking at the fish and looked forever at the shark tank. Some of those sharks were really big. The disappointment of the day was at the sting ray bay, they seemed to be all dead or maybe well asleep. They didn't move the whole time we stood there and were in the middle to far away to touch.

These are suppose to be Piranahs(sp) They actually look really mean.

After The Aquarium we took them to The Mayan for lunch. I have a patient who is the new head chef and he had said that he had redone the menu. We thought it was worth checking out since the old menu was really nothing to die for. A general consensus though was that it tasted the same and we wondered what he had changed except for there was a lot less to choose from. The kids loved it though and we had the perfect seats to watch the divers. Katie was screaming with excitement the whole time and we didn't know if since it was a restaurant if we should shut her up or if the thunder and lightening noise was enough to cover up her noise. We decided to let her have fun and couldn't help laugh at the sounds she was making.

Here is my little poser once again, I dont know why but when I tell her to smile she always puts her chin to her shoulder.

Of course he cant smile because that would be just to hard.

The next weekend we bought a new bed and nightstand. I am so excited! We have never owned an actual bed we have always just had the matress on the metal frame. I love the bed. It took so long to choose a headboard and footboard that we both like because I am really contemporary and love all the leather headboards. Kaylan is more traditional. We found one we both like and now that it is home I love it even more.