Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Katies Dance Concert

So I am pretty much still the most horrible mother in the world. I did however have a camera with working batteries in it this time, but didnt realize that the video would only shoot for 1 min and then you had to press play again. So the dance is in two different frames. Katie did a little better this year still just a tad behind everyone. It was fun to watch though. She is third in from the left on the back row.

The next pictures I just threw in here because they are pretty funny. Katie had to have a picture with her and her dad for a fathers day project at school. She would not give us one normal smile. So Kay got a gift with Katie giving him funny looks.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


We spent the weekend camping and fishing with Kaylans family at Strawberry Reservoir. We had so much fun fishing, chatting by the fire and especially making "real smores" Katie has never been camping that she remembers to make smores at the campfire. She had a blast.

We were at the lake all day on Saturday fishing. I have never caught so many fish in one day in my life. Kaylan and I even fished through a major thunderstorm and only left because the lightening was getting a little to close for comfort. I wish I had pictures to show you just how wet we were. It was so much fun.

Katie never did catch a fish she just didnt have the patience. When we got back with the fish we caught she wanted her picture taken with it even though she wasnt the one to catch it. It was so funny.