Friday, July 24, 2009

If you fight the knife the knife wins.

I was in the bathroom straightening my hair when I heard a blood curdling scream. Bradley comes running in with blood dripping everywhere. We tried to wash it off and put pressure with a towel but the bleeding wouldnt stop. So we grabbed Katie and headed to instacare. All the while trying to call Kay and tell him where we would be since we werent going to be home when we got there. We tried several times with no answer. The drive to instacare is literally two minutes from our house and i was relatively calm I could tell it wasnt a severe cut but we couldnt get the bleeding to stop by ourselves. Bradley on the other hand was in shock and he kept telling me the whole way there to hurry because "he was losing major blood here." We got to instacare and checked in. They seriously had us wait 20 min until kids care opened. I seriously was not happy about that I would have paid the extra $10 to just get right in but oh well. When we finally saw the doctor the bleeding had at least slowed and she was able to clean it off to see how deep it was. She said that she would put a couple of stitches in because he was an active boy that probably wouldnt keep still or keep it clean. The worst part was the numbing he cried pretty loud when she was doing that. After that he just laid on the table sucking the sucker they gave him not even moving. Both the doctor and the nurse commented on how well he was able to sit still. When we got out into the car Kay finally called and asked who had cut themselves, he was home know and there was blood all over. He said there must be something going on in our family because he had rear ended someone on the way home and that is why he didnt answer the phone. No injuries and little damage to either car so that was good. All the way home Bradley kept apologizing that he cut himself and telling me that hewouldn't play with knives again . He is so tender hearted. Katie on the other hand informed me that she wouldnt play with the sharp knives. Phew what a relief she will only play with the dull ones.

The pictures came up backwards but oh well. Kay had cleaned up all the blood really well by the time we had got home except I kept finding blood in all the wierdest places. This is at the very top of my kitchen cabinets almost to the ceiling.

I had to sneak a picture while he was sleeping because he would not let me take a picture of it. The nurse let him choose bteween a BYU OR UTAH bandage of course he chose Utah.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fun In The Sun

We spent our 4th of July weekend in Spring City this year. It has become our favorite weekend getaway. We enjoy spending time with Mary, John and Andy and get to enjoy our favorite hobbies riding the four wheeler and target shooting. Kaylan has become very interested in antique guns and has done hours of research. His enthusiasm for guns has started to rub off on the rest of us as you will see.
The weekend started out at the Mountain Man Rendezvous in Mt Pleasant. They have many crafts, clothes and food from the pioneer days as well as a carnival and games set up for the kids.

Bradley was technically too big for this train but there was no one in line so the let him on. The poor train had a hard time even pulling him around the track.
Saturday morning we got up and went to the parade then in the afternoon we did some shooting. We shot all the guns ranging from the little 22 that is fun to shoot to the shotgun that will kick your butt. I have the marks on my shoulder to prove I even tried to shoot it.

Kaylan has been teaching Bradley how to shoot and how to safely handle guns. I am impressed with his ability so far and how well he handles the gun. I also go a little crazy as I watch him load the gun for himself and when he gets done shooting how he checks to make sure there are no bullets left and puts on the safety. He has definitely learned respect for what they can do and is very careful.

To carry on my worst mother of the year streak, Katie has her first sunburn. Apparently I put sunscreen everywhere but her back. Poor thing.

Here is our grand finale to the holiday weekend Bradley and Kaylan lighting the little package of fireworks that we bought. Bradley was so excited to fireworks the whole weekend and then when it came down to it was asleep by 9 o'clock each night. Saturday we actually woke him up when it started to get dark so we could light them off. We had a great weekend and Hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did.