Thursday, August 27, 2009

Katies Big Accomplishment

So I have had the whole week off of work while Dr Smith is on a cruise and I vowed to myself to get so much done while I was at home and I havent accomplished one thing but cleaning the bathroom. Katie wanted to go outside to play and I suggested that she try to ride her bike again. We have tried and tried without the training wheels but she has had no balance whatsoever. I thought it was a lost cause but would at least give us something to do. After holding onto her for about 2 seconds she tells me to let go because she can do it herself. Sure enough she took off and never looked back. She had to run and get dad to watch her and call grandma to tell her. Grandma came and watched her ride for a minute and she was so excited to show off her new talent. My mom asked her if her dad watched her ride her bike yet and this is what katie told her. " Thats what dads are born to do watch tv and then come watch me ride my bike and then go watch tv again" She never fails to make me laugh even with the simplest of things.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

3rd Grade

Bradley started 3rd grade yesterday. He is a little indifferent about starting school this year. He is excited though because his best friend is in his class. Up until now we had asked the school that they be in seperate classes because they are such a distraction to each other. We'll see how this year goes. Bradley pretty much lives at Hunters house if we are home and they have adopted him as their 4th boy. Bradley is such a fun loving, tender hearted little boy and I cant wait to see what this year brings us. For those of you just waiting on pins and needles for some video from hip hop class you will have to wait a while longer. He gets embarrased if I stay and watch. As soon as the teacher shows up he is pushing me out the door. I am trying to figure out how to video tape him because I want to see how well he is doing as well.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Earlier this evening Kays dad passed away. He had to have surgery on a blockage in his intestines. They removed the blockage and part of his colon. He came out of surgery and when he was moved back into the intensive care he went into cardiac arrest. The doctors tried with no avail to bring him back. Kay jumped in the car and headed to Oregon once again. He has stayed pretty strong through this whole thing. I want him to know how much I love him and wish I could be with him in Oregon right now.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Kaylan Dad

Just thought I would let you know what has been going on in our family this week. On monday we got a call that Kays dad was in ICU in Oregon. He had been watersking the week before and had fell and landed really hard. His body really ached but he just thought he was sore. He started to get sick as well and was in extreme pain by Monday night so his wife took him to the Hospital. When he got there they discovered that he had a blood clot the size of your fist on his Kidney, Pneumonia and liver problems. They also found out that his heart was only working at about 50%. They decided to give him some blood thinners to see if that would shrink the clot, but because of the liver problems and the heart they had to really watch the amount so his liver would not start to bleed. Since being in the hospital he has gone into stage one kidney failure and developed MRSA in his blood and every organ but his heart. Things are not looking that good. They said that if you get MRSA in all of your organs your chance of survival is only 5%. Kaylan left on Wednesday to go up there. He is staying optimistic but its hard to tell by just conversations on the phone. He said that to go in and see him you have to completely gown up and wear a mask. He will stay until sunday and then come home. Who knows he might be returning to Oregon again shortly.