Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Bradley!

Today is Bradleys 8th birthday. It is pretty low key since yesterday we took him and his best friend Hunter to Boondocks. They had a blast riding the go-carts, playing miniature golf,going in the batting cages and playing the arcade games and who knows what else. I can not believe how much Bradley has changed in 8 years and how much he is still the same little Bradley. He still enjoys doing things with his hands, but it has just changed from playing with tools to building things with legos. The things he can build with legos is pretty amazing. He loves being outside doing anything. Riding his bike, his scooter or just playing with friends. All he wanted for his birthday was a longboard. I am officially now freaked out about having a couple broken bones. Thank goodness we don't live by any hills.

Happy Birthday Bradley! We are so proud of the person you are becoming.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Best Boss Ever

I just have to say that I have a truly fantastic boss. Every year he sends us on a retreat or little vacation somewhere. Last year we went on an overnight river rafting trip. This year he sent us to park city for the night. The day started at Aura Spa and Boutique in Park city. This wonderful spa is owned by Camie Findlay who was a most gracious host. It was such a relaxing afternoon enjoying a massage and wonderful facial( I had never had a facial before, truly wonderful). We then went to Butchers Chop House also on Historic Main Street. It was a fabulous steakhouse, where we enjoyed a wonderful 3 hour steak dinner laughing and chatting. I think that they were ready to throw us out and one couple asked to be moved. It was a good thing they weren't really that busy. Saturday we slept in( which is a rare event in my life) and then headed off to the outlet stores for some shopping. Dr smith even gave us all $50 for the shopping so I ended up with a pair of shoes and a couple of sweaters. I forgot my camera so the only picture of the weekend was the one taken by Allies phone of Halley by the HOT as she called it Ferrari. It was so much fun and so nice to be able to get away for even just one night.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Roller Skates

So last night she would not take the roller skates off so I guess it wasn't a waste of money. She wore them all over the house. I even got this great picture of her all dressed up giving her babies a ride on the roller skates. It was quite a site.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Katie!!

Today was Katies 4th birthday. I cant believe she is already 4. We just had a little "party" as Katie calls it with just our family tonight. She wanted Pizza Hut(which is really Little Ceasars) for dinner. Then she opened her presents, she had been wanting roller skates so I found a nicer pair that you can adjust the size so they will last a little longer. Then when I was at the grocery store I found this little princess activity set with paint and crayons and scissors. I think it seriously cost $8 and what has she played with all night? The paint set. Im sure she will get excited about the rollerskates but it always seems the stupid cheap presents turn into their favorites.

A couple of weeks ago while the boys were hunting we took Katie and cousins to kangaroo Zoo to play for the day for hers and her cousin Andys birthday. They had a great time. The place is great because the have all these blow up toys for the kids to play on and a great sitting area for the parents to just relax and talk. It is really hard to relax and talk when you are following them around trying to get some good pictures. They had a really great time.