Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Happy birthday and by the way that bday card is still sitting on the counter, I guess I am seeing if I can beat you and Brent last year and get it to you a month late. hehehe
Hope you have a wonderful day and wish I was there to celebrate with you. We should just live it up in New York and do some major shopping for both of us since it will be just a couple of days after my birthday you know.
Have the most wonderful day ever!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Our New Living Room

So last friday we decided to go see what Rc Willey had on sale for presidents day. We desperately needed new living room furniture seeing how when Bradley was four he took scissors to every cushion on the couch. The cusions are now sagging and looked horrible. We found some sofas and 2 chairs that we loved and purchased for a great deal. We got home and the next day decided to update the whole room. The room has never had a light in the ceiling we have always just used a lamp. Kay installed a new light in the ceiling and then we have been painting all week before the furniture arrived.

This is the old color of the walls
The new chairs, this picture just does not do them justice. They are so cute.

This is the new couch . The leopard pillows just were not our style but they came with them. We actually have ordered some accent pillows the same material as the chairs to go on the couch.

We are so excited to have a room that actually looks brand new again. Now we are painting the kitchen. I am so sick of painting but cant wait for the end result.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Katie, Katie, Katie

So on Friday morning when we took Bradley to school Katie heard on the radio that on the Grammys Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift were going to do a performance together. Katie begged and begged if we could watch the show that they were going to be on. Sunday evening we turn on the Grammys a couple of minutes late and Justin Timberlake was performing or talking or something I dont quite remember. Katie turns to me and Kay and says HE is sooo hot! We looked at each other in astonishment even wondering if she knew what she was saying. A couple of minutes later Carrie Underwood comes on and Katie says. "Oh, She is dressed soooo cute." We finally made it to the performance of the night and she gets so excited. This time she said. "Mom, This is totally awesome." I cant believe that my four year old is saying all this. She then decides to dance impromtu to the performance and requests that I video it. I caught all the dancing but there is no sound. It is still pretty funny to watch.

The next couple of pictures are Katie posing in the clothes that Grandma brought back form Pourto Rico. She is just so stinking cute. She is such a poser. Notice she insisted on putting the headband on all by herself.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

We are soooo boring!

We have not done anything as of late so I just thought I would give an update to how we are all doing and what we have (boring as it may) been doing lately.
Bradley just had his 2nd SEP conference for the year. He is doing great!!!!! Not one word mentioned about behavior, He is now reading at grade level and really the only thing we have to work on is math which is funny because this use to be his strong subject. I guess we have put such an emphasis on reading that we have let this subject slack a little. I can't believe the amount of homework he has for 2nd grade. He has to read for 25 minutes a night, 1 page of math/ spelling words etc per night. He now has to do a report on a famous American and we have to do weekly book reports. What book could a 2nd grader read that is worth doing a book report on? I guess we have graduated to chapter books but man.
Katie loves preschool and wanted to have an SEP conference with her teacher. I had to explain to her that you dont have those in preschool and she cried for like a half hour. She is still loving going to dance and informed me after her last class that they are getting ready for her next performance.(June) Lets hope the batteries are charged in the camera this time. The girl loves to sing all the time, and when I say all the time I mean allllll the time. Bradley even said the other day he wishes he had had a brother because he wouldn't have to listen to all the singing. I have to say for a 4year old she stays on tune pretty well. I am thinking about finding a singing class or something. I dont even know if they have them for 4years olds. She is growing so fast and learning so much everyday. She can just about write her name.
All the house projects haven't gotten very far. We got all the accesories for the bathroom downstairs and put them in and then Kay decided that there was some drywall that needed touching up( the room is painted) So the mirror, towel bars and toilet paper holders are all in but I cant even post pictures to show how good they look because now there is screw holes and a big patch that need to be repainted.
Kay has been really busy with work and working most weekends. I guess we should just be grateful that he has a job. His boss did call a meeting and said that to keep everyone and the company busy he is bidding a lot of out of town work so we may be in for some more working out of town which I am not too excited for. We have been steady at work, not crazy busy like last year but busy enough. Dr Smith is building a new office and so now I get to drive a little further to work every day. It wont be too bad it is further south but not as far east as I have to go now.
Well knock on wood we have all so far avoided the colds and flus of winter and are all healthy and happy.