Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Katie!

On Thursday Katie turned 5! I cant believe how fast time flies. This year I let Katie have a birthday party with friends. She wanted to have a halloween party where the kids come in their costumes and we do Halloween things. We decorated bags to take trick or treating and painted pumpkins. We also ate donuts off of a string. Out of the 10 kids we invited only 2 came. Katie didnt even care she just had fun.

Here is Katie with Jackson and Sarah.

For her birthday she wanted her ears pierced. She chose little pink flowers(So Katie). She didnt even move when they did it although her eyes did just about pop out of her head.
She also got a barbie scooter and some clothes.



Ang said...

Oh! That reminds me of Liv's party at that age, she only had one friend show up and then thank goodness Steph and Ava came! What a cute idea for a party... Happy Birthday Katie!

Sheryl said...

Happy Birthday Katie. Those are the prettiest earrings ever!

I can't believe you didn't even cry.

Jen said...

It looks like Katie had a fun party. Having a Halloween party was a really cute idea.

Angela said...

Happy Birthday to Katie! I'm sorry only two friends showed up, I guess that just means more donuts for everyone else. :)

Kellie said...

Happy Birthday Katie! I hope you have more pictures of her in her halloween costume because I still haven't seen it!~

Grandmajoann said...

Wow a party and pierced ears! That was a nice birthday. You look just like a princess with those ear rings.
I want to see your costume too.