Saturday, October 31, 2009


So I have totally been slacking on the blog end of things lately. In my defense I got called as the 1st counselor in the primary presidency a couple of weeks ago and that has made life a little busier. Bradley had his nineth birthday on monday, but we celebrated it last saturday with all his grandmas and grandpas.

Bradley got this sweet bike that his dad picked out for his birthday.

Katie had a dance performance for halloween at the Rec Center for the Spooktacular that they have every year. The rec center did a good job, You could take a scary canoe ride on the pool, bounce houses, big blow up slides and games. The only rip off was that you had to use three tickets to get into the performance, They made a killing off of all the family that came to see the kids dance. Katie did a good job and was super excited because it was the first time she got to do a dance in tap shoes. Bradley was suppose to perform but chickened out at the last minute. His class did thriller and did an awesome job to bad Bradley wasnt there to make it even better.

Halloween Costume pictures still to come, I bet you all cant wait!


Sheryl said...

Don't feel bad about the blogging, seems like we have all slowed down a bit. Life is busy, especially for you guys with kids.

The dancing was great. I liked my tap shoes when I was a kid too. There is something so fun about making noise! Ya gotta secretly get Bradly on tape doing Thriller!

Ang said...

The Rec center sounds like a blast for the kids. The recitals are so fun to watch at Katie's age, too cute! We will just have to keep waiting for a sneak peak at your aspiring hip hopper!

Angela said...

You're not the only one who slacks on their blogs. I finally posted after a whole month!
That sure is a sweet bike, and I'm glad Katie got to dance with taps.
I hope you like being in Primary. I'm the secretary and I LOVE it. (except when the pianist doesn't show up, like I don't already have enough to do!)

Grandmajoann said...

Good dancing Katie. Bradley, where were you. We missed you. Next time, Okay? Congrats to you Jessica. Primary is the best. The kids are so cute and they love everything! And, the bike is awesome. Any more flats?